Buying a car with ITEA membership gives you a huge advantage  

Through Our Grassroots Car Buying STIMULUS Program.

Your first step is to fill out our new membership application, this is the first step in becoming a member of ITEA.  You’ll submit income verification documents with your membership fee at the time you download your wallet/app.  

Your car discount is determined by your annual income:  

$20k – $100k = 80% off         $100k – $200k = 60% off    

$200k – $300k = 40% off            $300k+ = 20% off


Next, all members will download our ITEACARS crypto wallet. This wallet will identify you as a member and provide your 20 X reward when buying your car. This wallet can be linked to your personal bank, and you will be issued a debit card from ITEA. Your 20 X reward for your 20% exchange fee will be automatically sent to this card to purchase your ITEA tokens at a price of .25. This process will allow your tokens to be instantly exchanged to investors to pay the remaining percentage of the cost of your car at the dealership of up to 80%.  

In addition to buying a Car for up to 80% off, when you join ITEA Cars as a member your first year membership fee is only $100 the first years and $25 a year there after.   You are rewarded $100 worth of ITEA Cars Tokens your first year and $25 worth of tokens each year you remain a member in good standing.  That means for your first year setup/membership dues you will receive 400 ITEA Tokens.

Members in good standing will be able to purchase additional ITEACAR tokens through the wallet at the current value. This price will fluctuate according to supply and demand on the exchange. Members who buy additional ITEACAR tokens will also be eligible for dividend payouts.

All car purchases are final in respect to the ITEA system. There is a one-car maximum purchase on each household every three years, with one membership per household.  A household is defined as a couple who files joint taxes or an individual person who files as an individual taxes.  Multiple adults living at the same address are each considered a household and eligible for membership.  Any sale of an ITEACAR will have to be sold through a car dealership.

After submitting your ITEA Cars Registration and Membership Agreement above, after we officially launch in 2022 you will receive an email with the information to download our app and submit your first years membership fee of $100.