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At American Family Financial Association We Believe We Can Help Change The World One Test At A Time

Why We Promote Genetic Cancer Testing

We believe You can begin to gauge your risk for an inherited cancer gene by mapping your family’s cancer history.

Our Advocates gather information to help qualify candidates they fill in as much information as possible using our questionaire, they pay special attention to the cancer histories of first- and second-degree blood relatives. First-degree relatives include siblings, parents and children. Second-degree relatives include grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews.

In general, people at risk for an inherited cancer gene have one or more first- or second-degree family members who were diagnosed with:

  • Cancer before age 50
  • The same type of cancer
  • Two or more different cancers
  • A rare cancer, such as male breast cancer or sarcoma
  • A BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation

At AFFA we believe lives can be save by spreading the word about Genetic Cancer Testing which in many cases can be at no cost to the patient, Join Our Fight Against Cancer Today.

AFFA Services

We are not contracted with Medicare or the Government, AFFA Advocates Main objective is to educate the public regarding Genetic Cancer Testing, we believe these test can save lives. At American Family Financial Association we conduct Oral Swab Test that aid Certified Scientist to conduct studies that predict the likelihood that a person could develop a type or types of Cancer during there lifetime. Scientist can use the information received to help them learn how to STOP the Cancer Gene From Mutating.

Whether inherited or not, Cancer is a Genetic Disease, decoding its DNA can help better diagnose, treat and manage the disease. It is usually recommended to do the test when certain types of Cancer “Run In the Family” and a Gene Mutation Is Expected.


At AFFA we’re big on Education and our Advocates provide education to the public on Genetic Cancer Testing and the Benefits of taking the test which in many cases are at no cost to the patient beneficiary if qualified.

Family Empowerment

At AFFA We Believe in the power of family, our strategy was put in place so our Advocates can increase there family wealth , send kids to College, progress financially all while receiving that greatest gratification of knowing they have participated in a LIFE CAUSE, which is the fight against Cancer and possibly contributed in SAVING A LIFE.

Health And Welness

At American Family Financial Association, our Management Team is filled with Talented Health Professionals and Business Professionals with years of experience. Affa will be introducing future programs that will enhance lives in the areas of Insurances , Health and Wellness and Financial Planning…we are excited about what the future holds here at AFFA.

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