How Does It Work?

Our Mission For Car Buyers

ITEA’s mission is to develop a national car buying market for ITEA members through our Car Buying Stimulus Program.  This market place not only gives members the ability to buy cars at up to an 80% discount, but the hundreds of dollars in monthly savings our members realize gives them more buying power in their own communities, helping local economies all across America.  Using our unique ITEA online system the car dealership would receive full MSRP for the car in U.S dollars, creating a win – win – win for the car dealerships,  the car buyers, and the investors.

What we do?

The International Token Exchange Association (ITEA) is an association of car buyers who will have ITEA tokens that represent their car purchase contract on the exchange. ITEA token investors would have the option of buying the tokens at .25 through the exchange. ITEA has developed this community to enable transparency among its members to create a peer-to-peer platform for ITEA car buyers and token investors.

Our Mission for ITEA Token Investors

Using our unique system ITEA Token investors will have a transparent

 view of their investment dollars. When the investor buys ITEA tokens from the 

exchange, they will have full knowledge of their investment dollars going to work 

to create value in the ITEA token. The ITEA token is not a fund raising campaign

 in which the investor has to hope that their investment dollars are going to be 

used appropriately. Each and every dollar will go straight to the purchase of the

 ITEA member car to create a massive market appeal in the token.

token ITEA growth Our Growth Inevitable

What is Token Classification

Token Classification (TC) is a framework for classifying our cryptographic tokens according to various different classes. All of our tokens as of today are Unpegged tokens and will be continuously updated and extended through the classification of more tokens as well as the addition of further dimensions and classes. An Unpegged Token is a token whose value is determined through supply and demand and thus floats freely over time.

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